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Special Issue on Geometric, Topological and Harmonic Trends to Image Processing Submission deadline: July 20, 2015

Geometric, Topological and Harmonic Trends to Image Processing 

Advanced topological measures from the numerical and algebraic perspective, combined with the geometric representations of physical objects and the sparse decomposition using harmonic transforms are generating new state-of-the art methods for the study of n-dimensional digital or continuous images. The mutual interdependence between harmonic analysis, geometry and topology supports the thesis that these different sources of mathematical information are necessary to fully characterize the spatially structured clouds of points at any dimension. In this special issue, the focus will be on novel methods of multi-dimensional and multi-variate image analysis and image processing using computational harmonic or geometric-topological techniques and algorithms.

The applications envisaged are in multidisciplinary engineering, paying particular attention to recent trends in the industrial setting and in any image-related topic situated at the interplay between these computational areas.

Main Topics of Interest:

  • Use of of harmonic analysis, topological and/or geometric information in image applications.
  • Computational harmonic analysis, topology or geometry applied to image processing;
  • Interactions between computational harmonic analysis, geometry and topology in image context;
  • Geometric and/or harmonic modeling guided by topological constraints;
  • Algorithm optimization for image applications, transfer of mathematical tools, parallel computation in image context and hierarchical approaches;
  • Pattern recognition from a harmonic, topological and/or geometrical viewpoint.
  • Combinatorial, geometric, topological, fractal or multi-resolution models.
  • Algebraic-topological and/or geometric invariants and features for n-dimensional images and their computation.

Submission Information:

See detailed Guide for Authors here: Papers can have a maximum length of 10 pages in the journal template.

Submit your paper here. Make sure to select "SI: GeToHa" as the Article type. Submission is possible starting from May 1 2015. Submission deadline is July 20th, 2015.

Papers will be reviewed according to the normal journal standards. Papers will receive at most two rounds of reviews. We will strive to finish the first round of review four to six weeks after submission.

For more information, please contact the Managing Guest Editor.

Pedro Real, Managing Guest Editor
Institute of Mathematics of Seville University (IMUS)
ETS. Ingeniería Informática, University of Seville, Spain