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Monte Carlo path tracing is now the standard rendering approach in film VFX, animated films, commercials and pre-rendered video game intros. The Arnold renderer from Solid Angle played a significant role in the transition from rasterization-based technology. In this talk Marcos Fajardo will provide some historical context on how studios made this transition and describe the key benefits that motivated it. Marcos will also discuss some of the latest developments in the Arnold renderer as well as the challenges that still lie ahead in the never-ending quest for increased detail and visual realism.

Marcos is the founder of Madrid and London-based Solid Angle, where he leads the research and development team working on the Arnold path tracing renderer. Previously he was a visiting software architect at Sony Pictures Imageworks, a visiting researcher at USC Institute for Creative Technologies under the supervision of Dr. Paul Debevec, and a software consultant at various CG studios around the world. He studied Computer Science at University of Malaga, Spain. Marcos is a frequent speaker at SIGGRAPH, FMX and EGSR. He has recently received an Academy Award for the design and implementation of the Arnold renderer. His favorite sushi is engawa.

Fecha: 30 de junio
Hora: 13:00h.
Lugar: Salón de Actos
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