VIII International Summer School on Fault Diagnosis of Complex Systems

Fecha: Lunes, 17 de Junio de 2019 09:00 - Viernes, 21 de Junio de 2019 18:30

Lugar: La Escuela

The Spanish Thematic Network on Supervision and Diagnosis of Complex systems will organize in June 2019 the 8th Intl. Summer School on Fault Diagnosis of Complex systems.

Currently, automated diagnosis of devices is an interesting research and development field. It can be approached with different techniques (knowledge-based systems, case-based reasoning, machine-learning or model-based reasoning) coming from different fields: Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence or Statistics. It is not easy to include several of these techniques in a single course.

This School is an intensive seminar that will take place along 5 days (32 hours) in Sevilla, Spain. Its main goal is introducing students to different diagnosis approaches coming from different research communities: Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, ...The School is open to PhD/master students and also to industrial practitioners interested in these approaches to diagnosis. Successful applications to fields like electronic circuits, chemical processes, continuous industrial processes, automotive, satellites, software, etc. have been made.

Registration: Early bird registration 360 € (before May, 30th, 2019). Registration form and details can be found here.

(Due to maintenance on the registration site, the online registration form is currently only in Spanish language. Meanwhile, we have added a PDF file with the registration form in Spanish and English, if you wish to proceed with the registration process. If you need further assistance, please send us an email to: redsyd ARROBA infor PUNTO uva PUNTO es).

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